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Bishop Charles walks through the Papaya Fruit Farm
Bishop Charles walks through the church’s papaya fruit farm

Bishop Charles has three ongoing micro-projects that he continues to expand with the funds sent from the All Saints Missions offering.

  1. The ‘Pig” project: A sow is purchased and the piglets raised, sold for profits and some eaten to support the local community. They are partially fed with the leftover from the Papaya and Rice Projects
  2. Rice Project: Rice grown and purchased is held until the price is stable and then sold. This year Bishop will add a Rice sorting and grinding machine to cut out the middle man and also to process others rice and make a profit on that year-round.
  3. Papaya Project: Profits from very early projects were used to purchase land(see photo above) that has become a Papaya fruit farm.

The part profits have been used to build a church, and to provide roofs to church that built the walls themselves, and funded the mission outreach to Malawi.

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