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Intercessor’s Men’s Ministry

At the Church of the Intercessor, we are often asked why we need a Men’s ministry, and why it is different than any other program in the church.

The Men’s ministry of the Church of the Intercessor has on the primary role. To create a place where Men of God, young and old, new and experienced, can meet and build the bonds that help unite the church.

We have bowling nights, with prizes, Saturday morning breakfasts, Pig Roasts, BBQ bonfires, and an annual weekend retreat. We create a fun environment that men and meet other men. The new Christian meets the experienced Christian, the new husband meets the man married for 40 years, the news father meets the grandfather.

We believe that Iron sharpens Iron. That when men reach a crisis, turning points, or a need to make a decision, they have Men of God around them speak to, listen too and receive prayer and wisdom from.

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