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Mike Birdsong+ Pastor of St. Michael and all Angels.

Since the inception of the ICCEC, it’s vision and mission have its roots in one simple little phrase; “Making visible the Void.” Many persons and parishes have prayed without ceasing for God to use them to make this vision so in their lives as well communities. Yet, what do we do once He answers? Are we ready for that? For instance, in the Great Thanksgiving we hear the Priest pray each Lord’s Day;

us also that we may faithfully receive this holy Sacrament, and serve you in
unity, constancy, and peace.”

“Serve you;” do we know what we ask at times? This year at St. Michael’s in Thomaston/Upson County GA we celebrated our 25th Anniversary. For these 25 years, we have blessed this city, county, and its government and medical community. Each Lord’s day we prophesy over the city to “Be forgiven, be reconciled to God and Worship God.” The point of all this is we must be ready to act when God answers.

God is answering our prayers in Thomaston, GA. We have gained favor in the City. Four years ago, I was asked to become a member of the Upson County Ministerial Association. I have been proposed for the past three years to be the head over the National Day of Prayer held on the City Square. Once a quarter we gather together in a community worship service with diverse denominations to worship our Lord with abandonment. Different Pastors will bring the Gospel Message whether it be at a Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian or Assembly of God church. I have been asked to be a Hospital Chaplain to pray for those who desire and even be on call for Coggins Funeral Home if needed. God is bringing unity between the diverse churches!

The point to all this is to ask what you will do when God answers? Are you ready? The Prophet Isaiah declares two great words in chapter 61 that we all must understand. “Arise and Shine.” It took a long time and much prayer for our little community to get to this point. However, we all must be ready to move when He answers. We must understand faith without works is dead, and complacency kills. We must once again remember and cherish our Communions vision. If we are to make visible the void Christ must arise in our Parishes and make Christ first served. We have not “arrived,” and we have a long way to go. However, I would encourage the clergy and laity alike to find out how you can become a part of your city and bring unity to the community. Our Father will bless you.

Mike Birdsong+

Pastor of St. Michael and all Angels.

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