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Sursum Corda Newsletter starts again. Sursum Corda Latin: “Lift up your hearts” or literally, “Lifted hearts”.

Are you interested in being a writer for Sursum Corda?  We are looking for people to commit to writing at least one or two stories a year with a photo(s).  The subjects are varied and hopefully interesting, Hopefully!

Expect the first issue the first week on January.

To get your issue, please sign up either at the Signup form on the right sidebar or click this link.

We want to hear about

  • Local church events (VBS, picnics, special services, parties, fun, youth events)
  • Local church ministries (outreach, mercy. homeless ministries, recovery ministries, and others)
  • Personal stories (healings, lives changes, inspiration, encouraging stories)
  • Background Stories (Profile of your church their history, History of a saint)

Do you have an idea?  Click Here to Contact us about being a contributor.

Please consider being a contributor, we can work at your pace, and work around your schedule.  Thanks

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